2021-11-01 E-Edition

Mill Creek at Washer Rd.

Working on a county contract, Jenkins and Jenkins Contractors has removed the old Washer Road Bridge over Mill Creek and is in the process of putting together the new one.

A judge searches for angels

(Eleventh in a series) Circuit Court Judge Michael Spitzer says his Angel Network project, which seeks mentors to support men and women emerging from addiction treatment facilities, is not getting unanimous support. “I’ve had people with the state — I was in a conference with the Department of Substance Abuse the other day — and some man told me, he […]

HCHS JROTC Air rifle team takes aim at perfect scores

The best shooters on Hickman County High’s JROTC Air Rifle Team get to wear special outerwear that promotes accuracy. “It helps a lot,” says senior Cameron Cheeves. “It keeps you still. The pants can actually stand up on their own, which is pretty fun.” All pants hang along the wall next to the shooting line, where as many as eight […]

Redistrict plan is adjusted, approved

Commissioners revised the district reapportionment plan last Monday, reflecting adjustments after Turney Center inmates were removed from the headcount. The revision was submitted to the state Comptroller’s Office for review and approval. That was not completed by the time the newspaper went to press on Thursday. Lines are not changing much — not at all in districts 3, 4 and […]

Attic fire contained by EHVFD

Responding to an early morning attic fire on October 27, the East Hickman Volunteer Fire Department reported that it was able to contain and extinguish the blaze. The 5:05 a.m. fire at the residence, in the 7000 block of Johnny Crow Road, was contained over one room. The ceiling was pulled down, dragged outside and extinguished. No water damage occurred, […]

For community

Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative’s Day of Service on October 21 in Hickman County involved donations from an employee food drive. Employees(from left) Melissa Sanderson, Jessie Eglinton, and Tamara Daniels stocked a blessing box with them.

Commissioners: No proposal on property

Commissioners met on October 21 but did not act on the possible purchase of property that was up for auction adjacent to the Hickman County Justice Center. Eleven of the 21 commissioners attended the special meeting; 11 votes would have been needed to make any decision. As it turned out, one commissioner, Ronny George, said his relationship to the property’s […]

Covid cases at 48; total deaths still 75

Cases of the covid-19 virus in Hickman County rose slightly during the week that ended on October 27, to 48, from 40 seven days earlier, the state Health Department reported. Total deaths here were 75, the same as was reported on October 20. In all, 4,593 covid-19 cases have been reported in Hickman County since the pandemic began. Of those, […]

497 more vaccinated

On October 27, 10,555 Hickman County residents had received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine, or 42.22 percent of the county population. The total represents an increase of 497 persons since the previous Wednesday, as reported by the state Health Department. Broken down, 38.33 percent of the population had completed the vaccine series — most with two, some […]